ONLINE COUNSELING works the same way as in-person counseling except it is more convenient and your counselors are more accessible from any electronic device.  The sessions are very personal.  Online counseling is both effective and affordable..

How to set up our first transformation session.

Step One:  Call The Transformation Specialists 708-381-1170 to see if you both are a fit and to schedule an appointment.


Step Two: Register on the secure client portal, where you will have access to secure communication, your schedule, and billing.

Step Three: Have your Video Counseling with your private link.

 Enhance your ONLINE COUNSELING experience and keep your session private and confidential:

Enhance online counseling:

  1. Make sure that your device (phone, tablet or laptop is connected to the internet/WIFI)

  2. Maker sure that your devices is fully charged

  3. Put your device on "DO NOT DISTURB" (NOT AIRPLANE MODE) 

  4. Dress appropriately 

  5. Meet sitting in a chair not bed

  6. Do not drive while meeting

  7. Be prepared to take notes

How to keep your session private

  1. Do not share your client ID or grant access to your client portal

  2. Do not share your online counseling link

  3. Find a quiet and private place to talk

  4. Use corded headphones or charged bluetooth earbuds

Note: We do not anticipate any technical difficulties.  However, if you we do experience technical difficulties, please call your  Transformation Specialists at 708-381-1170 to work out an alternative way to meet.


If you have any questions please reach out to us on our contact form listed below.  

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